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Diploma in Computer Applications is a one 12 months diploma route to find out about laptop purposes in depth. two The route imparts scientific, realistic and technical information to its inexperienced persons about a number of computer equipment that is used in day to day life. The functions make tasks simpler and provide ease of use.

Semester 1 Information Technology 

Block-1         Fundamentals

Block-2         Ms-Dos, Paint, Notepad

Block-4         Internet

Block-5         Photo Copy, Printout, Scanning

Block-6         Hardware Maintenance (Ram, Hard Disk, Motherboard, SMPS)                        

Semester 2 Libre Office

Block-1         Libre Office Writer

Block-2         Libre Office Calc

Block-3         Libre Office Impress

Semester 3 Theory

Block-1         Introduction to Internet, www and Web Browsers

Block-2         Communication and Collaboration

Block-3         Application of Digital Financial Services   

Block-4         Hardware & Software Components