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Diploma in Computer Applications is a one 14 months diploma route to find out about laptop purposes in depth. two the route imparts scientific, realistic and technical information to its inexperienced persons about a number of computer equipment that is used in day to day life. The functions make tasks simpler and provide ease of use.

Semester 1 Information Technology 

Block-1         Fundamentals

Block-2         Ms-Dos, Paint, Notepad

Block-3         Win-7, Win-8, Win-10

Block-4         Internet

Block-5         Photo Copy, Printout, Scanning

Block-6         Hardware Maintenance (Ram, Hard Disk, Motherboard, SMPS)                        

Semester 2 Office Package (Libre Office)

Block-1         MS-Word 2010

Block-2         MS-Excel 2010                   

Block-3         MS-Power-Point 2010

Block-4         MS-Access 2010

Semester 3 Accounting Package (Tally) CFA

Block-1         Accounting Information

Block-2         Account Only, GST, VAT

Block-3         Day Book, Cash Book

Block-4         Ledger, Payroll, Cash Memo

Block-5         Introduction to Tally

Block-6         Creation of Master Head, Payroll

Block-7         Inventory Control, Vouchers, TDS & TCS

Block-8         GST, GST Registration and Return Forms

Block-9         GST for Service Implementation of GST in Tally

Block-10       Tally Shortcut

Block-11       Tally Prime with Project

Semester 4 Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Block-1         Photo Shop (PS)

Block-2         Corel Draw (X8)

Semester 5 Hardware (Card Level)

Block-1         Introduction to PC Hardware

Block-2         Installation and Configuration

Block-3         Software in Installation

Semester 6 Programming Languages

Block-1          Introduction to HTML

Block-2         Creating Web Page

Block-3         Introduction to  JavaScript

Semester 7 Exam & Training

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